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The foundation of our success comes from our eagerness to bring innovation and trends to the Japanese market as quickly as possible. Our business culture relies on our desire to treat each engagement and relationship with sincerity and we commit to fulfill all our promises to deliver. With globalization becoming such a tremendous component in how businesses can thrive and grow, our experience and efficiency is second to none and we promise to create new opportunities for you in Japan.

Markitlink would be absolutely nowhere without our employees, partners and advisors. We are here to help you get the right people in the right seats on the bus on your journey to success–  the people you partner with or don’t partner with, take advice from or choose not to take advice from– these people will make the difference between success and failure. 

These people will help you go from 0 to $1 million, or even from 0 to  . Your people ARE your business and your future success. Now let’s make projects happen , get some great people together from Markitlink’s best team and turn your #bigideas&dreams into reality. We are in this together 🙂

The Power of Brand Storytelling

Effective storytelling is still the most efficient way to get complex information across from one human to another. At Markitlink, we work with our clients to define the people they want to reach, the best way to reach them and build in ongoing evaluation to ensure the best results.

Nothing captivates humans like a good story well told. Since the beginning of time, the way to people’s hearts and minds has been through their eyes and ears. Every brand has a STORY to tell, but what many don’t get is: it’s not about your story. It’s about how your audience can recognize itself in it. 

If they can’t relate, it won’t resonate. This is where our storytelling craft comes into play. Informed by a wealth of experience across all narrative formats plus a killer instinct for what works and what works even better, we design, write and craft brand stories that make our audience want to become a part of them.

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