Our Sustainability Pledge

Our Forever Mission

Markitlink has a mission: to make money, make it ethically, and make a difference. We consistently strive to apply a set of core principles and values in the way we do business. As such, our primary focus has been to provide our stakeholders with our utmost commitment, transparency, and integrity. We abide by the rules of honesty, truthfulness, and consistency in all of our business transactions.

Moreover, our commitment to our stakeholders always governs how we balance our work and life. World-class companies usually have cutting-edge technology, superior management systems, outstanding electronic systems, and database management. Yet, the core guiding force behind their success is their human capital – the people who make the decisions and are responsible for taking actions in these companies. One of our critical characteristics is that we carefully balance the values, interests, goals and objectives of the company, in addition to that of the individuals who work for us.

Make an Impact With Us

We aim to lead by example, especially in responsible business conduct, by raising awareness of the international/local business community on the importance of the Global Compact principles such as Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

At Markitlink, we fight against Equal Rights and respecting these principles will ensure best practices today and a better future tomorrow. We commit to pursuing the implementation of these principles much further within our company. Also, We are committed to the pursuit of the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) within the scope of our projects and activities. Markitlink is committed to playing a strong leadership role vis-à-vis the achievement of these goals both in Japan and globally, where we operate.

When we look at global trends today, there is no doubt that sustainability offers Markitlink great opportunities for making a difference within the business community, among our customers, within our local communities, and beyond.


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