We are here to make a meaningful difference to brands, to businesses and to people.

We believe in a world where advertising and marketing is tracked and based on performance and how much value it adds to the world. Whereas in the age of mass marketing, the goal was to push out as many widgets as possible, in the new world we are concerned with not filling the world with more unnecessary junk. 

Therefore, we are driven by the belief that when done well advertising and marketing can seamlessly connect people with their needs, wants and aspirations. Join us on our social mission!

You came here hoping to get funding to launch your    project  – but there’s a reason so many campaigns fail to raise even one penny. We know those reasons – and what you really need is the Markitlink’s experienced team that can show you what you need to take your idea to the next level.

Using the strong, trust-based relationships we built with local businesses and the know-how and insight we gained over many years can help you quickly expand your sales network in Japan.

We are here to help you develop the right strategy for each sales channel and assist businesses with our expertise and knowledge to leverage the most suitable online and social tools. We also have a deep understanding of brands and we are experts in bringing brand messages to life. 

We do this through creative content that responds to the technical possibilities of each platform and drives relevance to each audience. Think of us as an extended arm of your marketing department, whether you need us at 10%, 50%, or 100% for your social strategy, content creation and execution.

At Markitlink, our large media contact and team-generated PR strategies help to spread the word about your project through well known and newly created media outlets. Understanding the market is the key for brand building and delivering the right messages to the  Japanese audiences. Our friendly team prides itself on working transparently, and is always happy to help.