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We provide a full range of hassle-free and competitive Japanese market entry services just for YOU.

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Markitlink brings full-service efficiency to your crowdfunding campaign in Japan.


We love helping foreign companies build profitable marketing & sales engines in Japan


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Japan is a very lucrative market, but difficult to enter and excel in

Why So many companies failed in japan?

One of the largest retail franchises, Walmart has failed and experienced huge losses; the popular e-commerce site eBay could not compete with the Japanese e-commerce site Rakuten and no one in Japan even knows that Taco Bell or Wendy’s exists.

Researching about Japan and its market space is important for market entry. However, we find that there are things you can’t research about unless you speak with a local or even visit Japan.

There are four primary challenges when entering the market in Japan: low English proficiency among the general population, inclination to prefer domestic brands, a shortage of Japanese marketing agencies that do business with foreign companies, the consequently high prices of the domestic Japanese marketing agencies and lack of Japanese market knowledge at non-Japanese marketing agencies.

Even with all these difficulties, Japan is still worth investing your time and effort. Japan is known as one of the most challenging yet rewarding markets. Despite that, many of our clients have penetrated the Japanese market and are thriving. It might take some time, but with help from the Markitlink’s best team, it is certainly possible to explore and make a profit in the far east. We are looking forward to working with you!


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